Thursday, October 12, 2017

My Trip to the The GetAnimated Event in NYC

This past Sunday, my family and I went to NYC for the GetAnimated Pop-Up Shop! I must say, I'm lucky that we live close to NYC and lucky that my husband is willing to support my Scooby addiction! We drove into the city and headed to the event.

We only had to walk a couple blocks from parking. As soon as I saw the windows, I was super excited! They had the outside decorated so you couldn't miss it!

The inside was even more exciting! The people that painted the walls did an amazing job! And they added a special touch to their paintings. Look closely at the paintings to see if you can find it.

The displays were fun and vibrant. We got to see Wile and his anvil, Bugs Bunny's rabbit hole, Scooby in the Mystery Machine, Tom & Jerry's homes (Jerry's mouse house was adorable!), The Jetsons space house and eat ice cream with The Flintstones.  They handed out cards at the entrance for free ice cream, covered in fruity or chocolate pebbles with little bone candies mixed in. The ice cream was really good! There were also a bunch of Marvin the Martians that people made on display.

After seeing all of the displays, we ended at the store. They had so much merchandise...t-shirts, pins, wallets, POP figures, water bottles, purses and so much more. I was all over the Scooby merchandise! I wanted everything, but of course, that wasn't going to be possible. They had exactly what I needed though! Last week, I was really sick and had made tea several times. I realized that I didn't own a Scooby mug! Like, not one Scooby mug anywhere in my house! Zoinks! So I bought a Scooby mug at the event! The best part, every $10 spent helped to provide a meal to a person in need. Definitely worth the money! 

There was one thing I had to question before we left. When we first got there, I saw some people walking around with Scooby bags. I hadn't seen them in the store, so I asked one of the employees who told me that they were giving them out at the front door. So we trekked back through the entire exhibit to get to the front and I asked the girl that was checking people in. She noticed I had my ScoobyAddicts shirt on and I also told her that I could give her a ScoobyAddicts sticker if she was able to get me a bag. She had to find someone else who had the bags to see if they had any more. So I waited, took some pictures, played with the Snap Chat filter for the event and hoped that they still had one. That girl made my day!! She brought me a bag and I traded her a sticker and I was so excited! Yes!! I got the Scooby bag!! Not only the came with a Roku stick and a year membership to Boomerang on Demand! 

The GetAnimated Pop-Up Shop was a fun outing for the entire family. Everyone seemed to have an enjoyable time, even if they originally felt like I dragged them there because of my love for Scooby! 

Check out all of my photos from the event here!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Immersive Pop-Up Shop in SoHo Opens October 6-8

Do you want to connect with your favorite animated characters such as Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes, The Jetsons And More?

October 6-8, you can check out the Pop-Up Shop in SoHo at 107 Grand Street in NYC. Check out the different themed rooms like Scooby Doo's Spooky Woods, Tom & Jerry's Living Room, Bugs Bunny's Forest and more! There will be more than 100 products for sale at the BoxLunch Get Animated Pop-Up Shop. 

Check out the press release, more pictures and videos:

Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, The Jetsons And More Invade SoHo
During New York Comic-Con 2017
Guests Experience Special Sneak-Peek of the Get Animated Invasion Retail Experience
at VIP Event on Thursday, October 5
Immersive Pop-Up Shop in SoHo Opens October 6-8, Allowing New Yorkers and Fans
To Reconnect with Their Favorite Animated Characters
WHAT: New York City got animated at a sneak-peek event on Thursday, October 5, allowing special guests an advanced look at the Get Animated Invasion. Presented by Warner Bros., Boomerang and BoxLunch, the immersive experience is officially open to the public October 6-8.
Upon entering the Invasion, fans are transported into a world of animation where the line between watching and experiencing is not just blurred, it’s completely fused. An Instagrammer’s dream, the Invasion is a place where time stands still, where cartoons come to life and life gets animated. The animated worlds will have their own bright, colorful spaces, each blending seamlessly together. It will feel like you stepped right through your television and into an animated dream!
Watch out for falling anvils while you explore WILE E COYOTE’S TURF. Frolic through BUGS BUNNY’S FOREST, but be vewy, vewy quiet… ‘cuz it’s Rabbit Season. Be transported into outer space and discover a fleet of Space Clones that have invaded MARVIN THE MARTIAN’S PLANET X, but don’t get too cozy, because there’s a Monster lurking around the corner in SCOOBY-DOO’S SPOOKY WOODS. Kick back in TOM AND JERRY’S LIVING ROOM and see if you can spot Jerry’s apartment in the house. Or, pull up a chair to enjoy your favorite cartoons from Boomerang and exclusive fine art by shelby and sandy in THE JETSONS SCREENING ROOM. Hungry? Grab a treat at THE FLINTSTONES’ ICE CREAM BAR with custom flavors from Milk & Cream and Post Cereal. Want to take it home? Don’t miss more than 100 fun products for sale at the BoxLunch GET ANIMATED POP-UP SHOP.
PHOTO/VIDEO OPPS: Photos and videos inside of the pop-up and at the different colorful spaces
WHERE: 107 Grand Street, New York, NY

WHEN: Oct. 6-8, 2017 | Open to the public 12-7 p.m.
Janice Aguilar-Herrero                        
(818) 954-3821   

Monday, August 21, 2017

Scooby's Sports Bar & Grille

I love Scooby-Doo so much that I took my family 2 hours away from Cape Cod just to take pictures of Scooby's Sports Bar & Grille in Clinton, Massachusetts. We happened to be a little closer than 2 hours away when we went to a museum, but it still took us 45 minutes to get to Scooby's.

Not only is it named for my favorite canine, his image is also the logo. It's obviously not an official image of Scooby!

Sadly, in April 2017, a fight broke out in the parking lot and a 24 year old man lost his life. If you want to read more about that, the article is here.

The sign can be seen from the road.

You can see the whole building and all of the signs in this picture. 

You can see both doors have the name and the other sign.

Sign by the front door.

We never went inside the bar. We just took pictures outside. It was really cool to find an establishment with Scooby's name. Now I want to find every Scooby establishment in the world haha! I love my #AdventuresWithScooby!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

New Scooby Series in the Works?

So it looks like there is a new Scooby-Doo series in the works!

On July 19, Matthew Lillard posted on Twitter that he was working on a new series with some of his favorite people. With his post, he included this video of Frank Welker doing the voice of Scooby-Doo.

Today, ScoobyDoom, who you should follow on Twitter by the way, retweeted a tweet from Gaby Falcone of Salami Studios. He noticed something in the image sitting on the table by Frank Welker.

ScoobyDoom noticed the name of the script sitting on the table - Scooby-Doo! Guess Who? (Wow, he has good eyes!)

Who's excited for a new Scooby-Doo Series? I am always happy to see a new series and see a new way to bring Scooby to life. I will always have a preference for the original series, but I also enjoy new series and movies and anything Scooby-Doo!

Now we wait for more info!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

My Adventure With Scooby at Hershey Park

I spent the day with my family at Hershey Park yesterday. It was hot and tiring, but we managed to have a good time. The kids spent the day on the water rides and on a few roller coasters and Scooby had a little adventure looking around the park.

Pulling Into the Parking Lot
Here is Scooby sitting on the dashboard of the van as we got through the gate and headed to the park. It's not totally clear, but the flowers behind Scooby spell out HERSHEY.

The Chocolate World Sign and Ride
Here is Scooby with the Chocolate World sign. We did the tour, of course. I remember it being a lot more fun in previous years. I feel like they made it too technological and with the video screen in the car and the stuff all around you to look at, it's tough to focus. I felt like I missed a lot of info because I wasn't sure where to look. They updated the cars now too. I added a picture of the new cars. They have doors now and look more like a shuttle. 

Here is Scooby waiting in line for the Chocolate World ride. It was nice being in the air conditioned building for a while. It was 90+ degrees outside and Hershey Park doesn't have a whole lot of shady areas to go to.

 Scooby and the cows during the Chocolate World ride.

Here is another one of Scooby on the Chocolate World ride.

Here is a picture of what the new Chocolate World cars look like. They don't look anything like the old ones. 

Scooby Found a Friend
We all know how much Scooby loves food! While chocolate isn't safe for normal dogs to eat, Scooby can handle it! He would never eat Reese's though. They bonded quite a bit yesterday!

Entering the Park
After going on the factory tour ride, we made our way to the park entrance. There was an insane amount of people at the park, which was a bit surprising since it was so hot. We had to stand in line for a bit to get in and Scooby wanted his picture with the sign while we waited. 

Around the Park
We spent quite a lot of time at the park, mostly in the water park until they closed at 8pm. Scooby didn't want to get wet, so he spent a lot of time in the shade. Here is a picture of one of the water areas that Scooby avoided. 

This is the picture I added on Social Media to see if anyone knew where Scooby was. The roller coaster in the background is called Wildcat. This was where we ate lunch.

Scooby didn't go on the Ferris Wheel, but he liked the look of it as it was starting to get dark and the lights came on. 

Scooby found a topiary cow. It was the only topiary we saw in the park.

This Corvette was in the park. Corvettes are my favorite car, so having Scooby take a picture with it was awesome!

Scooby found this fountain outside of The Kissing Tower. He made a wish and threw in a penny. 

Of course, Scooby had to have his picture taken with the Milton Hershey statue.

Our final ride for the night was The Kissing Tower. The view was awesome! You get a 360 degree view of Hershey. While 1 part of it is just parking lots and buildings, the view of the park is amazing, especially at night with all the lights. 

Here is Scooby checking out the view from The Kissing Tower. You can see the Hershey Triple Towers all lit up. They are brand new this year.

Here is a better picture of the Triple Towers that I took from the ground. 

Our time at Hershey ended with a trip to the store to buy some chocolate. Scooby wanted this 5lb. chocolate bar, but we had to say no. 

We enjoyed our day at Hershey. And enjoyed another Adventure with Scooby. 

Dinner at the Cocoa Diner
Before heading home, we stopped for dinner at the Cocoa Diner. It was good, and open late, since we didn't leave the park til 11pm. We all know how much Scooby loves food! 

Stay tuned for more #AdventuresWithScooby. You never know where he will be going next!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

My Adventure With Scooby in St. Thomas

On June 15th, I took a trip to St. Thomas and I decided to bring Scooby with me. I posted a few of the pics on social media, but not all of them. Here is the full adventure with Scooby in St. Thomas.

June 15th - The Airport & Flight

Getting ready to board the plane at JFK
Flying to St. Thomas

My New Friends

I made some new friends! Iguanas were everywhere!

This one didn't like me so much, he bit my tail!

The View of Magen's Bay
This beach is considered the best beach in all of St. Thomas. We went to a couple of lookout points to see this amazing view.

The view from MountainTop

The view from Drake's Seat

My Run-in With a Pirate
I got captured by a pirate, but I got myself free and stole his treasure.

The Beach
We stayed at Frenchman's Reef & Morning Star Marriott Beach Resort. It was a nice place! Clear blue water, lots of food, tons of iguanas, and peace and quiet! I even built a sandcastle.

The view from the resort

Hanging out on the beach

Soaking up some sun

My sandcastle

The Food
The food here was amazing! I could eat all day! The banana pancakes were the best pancakes I ever had and the rigatoni with meatballs was excellent!

Banana Pancakes

Rigatoni with Meatballs

I Found Shaggy! 
Shaggy was our waiter for breakfast. He was a good sport and let me take a picture with him.

The Pool
There were 3 pools at the resort, but I liked this one the best. It had the warmest water and seemed a bit more secluded. The iguanas seemed to like this pool too, one went swimming in it!

Cartoon Network
I tried to watch Cartoon Network, but this was the only thing on the screen the whole time. You could hear the audio for the show, but couldn't see the picture.

Around the Resort
I wanted to go kayaking, but my partner was of no use. He just sat there. Then I found some crocodiles that were thankfully friendly.

Leaving St. Thomas
On June 18th, I left St. Thomas to come back home. I thought sharing a Coke with Kennedy was appropriate since I was flying into JFK.

Dinner on the Way Home
We found this great restaurant on the way home. Gusta Rosso Trattoria & Bar in Union, NJ. Amazing food, amazing service! Notice my hubby wore a Scooby shirt :)

That was my Adventure with Scooby! Looking forward to my next adventure with Scooby in Cape Cod, MA. Stay tuned!