Saturday, May 11, 2019

My Scooby Stuff - Item 366 - Scooby Jinkies Sketchers

It's been a while since I've posted anything from my collection. I've gotten so many new things over the past few months. Here is a very cool addition to my collection!

Scooby Jinkies Sketchers 

Have you seen the new Scooby-Doo Sketchers? There are 3 different pair, and I chose these because I liked them the best. This pair is called Jinkies. I don't usually like white, so I opted for the navy blue.

Check out my unboxing video.

They came in this box, which is totally cool! The box featured Scooby-Doo, Top Cat, Droopy and Huckleberry Hound. I think it's awesome that Scooby is the biggest one of them all.

Scooby is on one side of the box and Droopy is on the other. Don't mind the size 10 on the side of the box, I have giant feet! haha!

The front of the box says "Help BOBS Save the Lives of Dogs and Cats Too." It has Huckleberry Hound and Top Cat on it.

The back of the box talks about the Petco Foundation.

You can see all of the Scooby faces on the shoes really well from the front. And the back has the Scooby-Doo logo.

This is what the shoes look like in the box with the paper.

Here is the side and bottom of the shoes. There are so many Scooby's on the shoes.

The inside of the shoes is orange, perfect for Scooby.

I love the Scooby tag! It is too cute! There is also a Sketchers tag.

There is another tag for the Petco Foundation and for Sketchers.

The bottom of the box has the artwork we have seen on some of the newer Scooby merchandise. The Sketchers are copyright 2019 and made in China.

Here are the other versions of the Scooby Sketchers.
 Jinkies in white
Scooby Snack

Thursday, April 11, 2019

SCOOB! Will Finally Be Released in 2020

Do you remember when Warner Bros. revealed in 2014 that a new Scooby-Doo movie would be released in theaters? Then in April, 2016, they said the name of the movie would be S.C.O.O.B. A lot of Scooby fans got excited and thought the movie would be released in 2019 to celebrate Scooby's 50th Anniversary. However, the release date moved from September 21, 2018 to May 15, 2020.

I think the most shocking thing about this movie is the cast. Instead of using the normal voice actors that we know and love, Warner Bros. decided they wanted bigger names to voice the beloved Scooby gang. They think those bigger names will draw bigger crowds, but can they really bring the characters to life like Matthew Lillard (Shaggy), Frank Welker (Fred, Scooby), Grey DeLisle (Daphne), and Mindy Cohn or Kate Micucci (Velma).

The current voice actors were pretty surprised to hear they weren't reprising the roles in the new movie that they've been doing for years.

Even Mindy Cohn responded to Matthew Lillard's Tweet. Remember when WB replaced her with Kate Micucci? I really miss Mindy as Velma! I have nothing against Kate, I just really like Mindy's Velma.

The new cast is made up of a bunch of actors that people probably know, but can they bring the gang to life? Will they give us the voices we are used to or at least close to it or will the voices and characters be totally different than what we want to see? 

The cast includes:

Zac Efron as Fred Jones
Amanda Seyfried as Daphne Blake
Gina Rodriguez as Velma Dinkley
Will Forte as Shaggy Rogers
Frank Welker as Scooby-Doo
Tracy Morgan as Captain Caveman
Ken Jeong as Dynomutt, Dog Wonder
Kiersey Clemons as Dee Dee Sykes

There are 3 things I see this movie has going for it - 1. Frank Welker is voicing Scooby-Doo, so at least we'll have one character that we are familiar with. 2. Tony Cervone is directing the movie, and he has worked on several Scooby-Doo DTV movies and the series Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. 3. The movie is animated!

SCOOB! is supposed to be released May 15, 2020. What are your thoughts about the movie and the cast?

Thursday, January 31, 2019

January (2019) Fan Spotlight - Al


Al is a huge Scooby fan! I'm happy to have him as my January Fan Spotlight. He has some really cool Scooby-Doo collectibles.

Check out Al on Social Media:

1. What was the first Scooby series you ever watched?

I first fell in love with Scooby and the gang by watching the very first series; Scooby-Doo Where Are You? and I am old enough to remember watching it as it originally aired; seeing the first episode ever What a Night for a Night

2. Who is your favorite member of the gang and why?

I love the entire gang, but I'd say my favourite character is Velma. She was the smart one, and I think because she was always considered a bit of a nerd and an outcast and I always thought of myself in the same way. (and my favourite colour is orange, lol).

3. What is your favorite Scooby item in your collection?

I have many favourite items in my collection; my Scooby Monopoly, Scooby Chess set, my cut-out dolls, but I'd say my 2 favourite items would be the Scooby barbie collection (since it was a gift from my husband) and my Zombie Shaggy which I picked up on my honeymoon in New York city this past summer.

4. What is one Scooby item you would love to add to your collection?

There are so many items I want, basically anything I don't have, but I'd say the one thing I keep seeing that I would love to have is the Scooby & Shaggy telephone.

Check out more of Al's collection:

Thank you Al for doing my fan spotlight! I have to say, your Zombie Shaggy is amazing!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

My Adventure with Scooby at Rusty's TV & Movie Car Museum

It's been 6 months since I went to Rusty's TV & Movie Car Museum in Jackson, TN, and I am just writing about it now. We visited Rusty's on August 1, 2018. I've put this off and now it seems like it's been forever since I was there. I think it was one of the most amazing places I have ever been. Rusty has some awesome cars, including The Mystery Machine!

Rusty's TV & Movie Car Museum, Jackson, TN

Over the summer, my family and I did a road trip. We started off at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and The Christmas Story House in Cleveland, OH,  checked out a cool mural on the side of the Kenner Toys building and a castle in Cincinnati, OH, went to Kentucky Down Under in Horse Cave, TN and The Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY and, before hitting a few other places, we went to Rusty's.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

The Christmas Story House

Loveland Castle

Kenner Toys Mural

Kentucky Down Under

National Corvette Museum

I had contacted Rusty a few weeks before our trip to make sure we were able to visit while we were in the area. We set up a day and time and I couldn't wait to get there! I had no idea this place was going to be as amazing as it was.

Inside The Mystery Machine
When we stepped inside the foyer area, we were greeted by Rusty himself. We were in the waiting room/foyer area of the museum, where you couldn't see anything. He had a bunch of toys, license plates, and pictures hanging on the walls and some chairs set up. We talked to him for a bit, and he said he would give us a tour of the museum.

Rusty's Waiting Room
Rusty's Waiting Room

Rusty's Waiting Room
After a few minutes in the waiting room, Rusty opened the door and began the tour. It was like being in a whole different world! We were surrounded by cars we've seen in movies and on TV, with the aisles looking like roads and props everywhere! It was like a dream come true.

Rusty's TV & Movie Car Museum

Rusty took us around to each and every car and gave us info about every one of them. He explained what they were from, if they were originals or replicas, some fun stories regarding the vehicles, and he answered our questions without hesitation. He treated us like we were celebrities! He was so kind and you can tell he loves these cars and he is passionate about his collection.

Rusty's TV & Movie Car Museum

At the end of the tour, Rusty let us look around at all the cars on our own. He was available for questions too. There was another family in the museum as well that he gave the tour to while we looked at everything. Once they left, he let us sit in The Mystery Machine!

Nikki in The Mystery Machine

Rusty was the best "tour guide" I've ever had! He even put my ScoobyAddicts sticker on the windshield of The Mystery Machine!!

ScoobyAddicts sticker on The Mystery Machine

ScoobyAddicts sticker on The Mystery Machine

If you are ever anywhere near Jackson, TN, you have to contact Rusty and check out his museum. He has a ton of cars, and I took pictures of every one of them! I took over 100 pictures while we were there. However, I'm not going to post all the pictures I took because I really think people need to go and see the cars for themselves. My focus is, of course, The Mystery Machine. Here are some more pictures of it:

Rusty's Mystery Machine

Rusty's Mystery Machine

Rusty's Mystery Machine

The Mystery Machine at Rusty's is a replica, which is cool because it means he felt The Mystery Machine was important enough to put in his collection. You can check Rusty out on his website,, where you can get more information about the museum, learn more about Rusty, find the hours of the museum and contact him to make an appointment. The museum is currently open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm. You can also check Rusty out on Facebook

I want to thank Rusty for his hospitality. He made us feel very welcome in his museum and he shared a lot of information with us about the cars. This was one of the best things we did on our road trip!